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~ Testimonials ~

Candy has done a reading for me with lots of details, a day I felt a passed family member around. She assured and validated he was with me. I was cleaning the yard and the things that happened only I would know. I believe this reading with all my heart, the details of the day. I did not expect her to know

 Appreciate your gifts!


She has given me a reading that helps calm my worries, She's been accurate before. 


I had a great experience with my

reading. I would recommend Candy to anyone, I was about to give up on a situation and she knew how to touch on that.

Anna C. oxox

I have had some really great readings with Candy. She gives you so much information. I am just amazed every time I talk to her.
Paisley Rae

This is the first time I have spoken with someone who was so right on. It was amazing and she had a very clear connection that made sense. Thank you Candy it was a pleasure.
Hanna B.

I did call in my ancestors prior to the reading to see what would happen. She was excellent I have to say. She framed a situation that happened on October 7th. It was phenomenal really, how she put it together. Ultimately it was a message from my father that he was coming through. That specific day was emotional for me.

Syrina K 

Candy helped me understand the blocks when they occur. You were so needed and helpful. I recommend her.

Jamie K.

Candy picked up on the situation right away and gave very good advice and was so encouraging. I got the comfort from the reading, Thank you.

Layla P

Her spirit is beautiful, and her readings are amazing. You feel like you are talking to a friend with good intention that cares about you. TY, CANDY!


Thank you for today, Candy! I enjoyed the reading and learning about my self and seeing your work. 

Harper M. 

Candy picked up on many details very quickly.  She was very kind to speak with and offered clear insight into my questions with straightforward information. Thanks so much and I look forward to speaking with you.
Chrissy P.

I needed some explanation to the feelings I was holding on to, closure! very intuitive reading.   J.

Candy's readings are warm and compassionate. Put my mind at ease and was honest. 


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